GPU and Logicboard repairs

A common issue on Macbooks is the screen showing distorted colours. We offer a specialised GPU repair service which will save you €€€.

With our micro soldering expertise and specialised air controlled heat soldering, we have helped several clients repair even the most dramatically broken logic boards (Have a look here). No job is too tiny, too delicate or too extreme to be considered. Our services include component level repairs of:

No Boot or Blank Screen

Does your iMac show a blank white screen, no screen or is just getting stuck upon boot? … then we have a hassle free solution for you

Keyboard, Wifi, Battery issues and so much more

Be it a Powerbook, Macbook or Mac Air – Keyboards, touchpads, Wifi, batteries are all bound to fail at some point. We can diagnose and repair in the fastest and most efficient way.

Broken Screen Replacement

Broken iPad or iPhone screen.. we’ve got you covered. Broken iMac or Macbook screen.. we’ve got you covered as well!