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We offer a variety of services for any of your Apple needs.

Please feel free to contact us for quotes, for further info, or simply if you require a service that is not listed below.

Other Services Offered

General hardware servicing includes any repairs required to get your device up and running. 

We offer an in-depth diagnostic inspection and extensive treatments for any device that has been damaged by liquid; be it a glass of water, to wine, to bathroom accidents.

It is common for devices to start running hot after some time due to dust and dirt that accumulates inside. We offer full internal cleaning, including fan cleaning, thermal paste and pad replacements etc. 

If your device is running slow due to a corrupted OS, or you think you may have been infected by a virus or malware, we can have it tested and repaired for you.

Deleted those valuable family photos by mistake? Not a problem. Using our methods, we can attempt to retrieve lost data from your devices

GPU & Logicboard Repairs

A common issue on Macbooks is the screen showing distorted screen colours. We offer a specialised GPU repair service which will save you lots of money.

With our micro-soldering expertise and specialised air controlled heat soldering, we have helped several clients repair even the most dramatically broken logic boards. No job is too tiny, too delicate, or too extreme to be considered. Our services include component level repairs of most parts.

No Boot or Blank Screen

Does your iMac show a blank white screen, no screen, or is just getting stuck upon boot? … then we have a hassled free solution for you.

Broken Screen Replacement

Broken iPad or iPhone screen?.. We’ve got you covered. Broken iMac or Macbook screen?.. We’ve got you covered as well!

Keyboard, WiFi, Battery issues and so much more

Be it a Powerbook, Macbook, or Mac Air – Keyboards, Touchpads, WiFi, Batteries; these are all bound to fail at some point. We can diagnose and repair them in the fastest and most efficient way.

Apple Watch Servicing

We are one of the few places that offer a full repair service for your Apple Watch, be it broken  touchscreen, damaged display, or faulty sensors.

iPad Repairs & More

Any iPad is bound to fall or break at some point. We can diagnose and repair in the fastest ad most efficient way possible.